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Birdwatching in Minsmere RSPB

Minsmere RSBP

Suffolk - England, UK

52.2474° N, 1.6194° E

Wanting a different experience?

Have you ever thought about checking how birds behave out in the wild?


The good news is that UK has plenty of reserves all around the country (with more than a 180 spots) where you can do birdwatching.

If you check out the RSPB website, you can see all the different reserves you can go to and you can even become a member enjoying some discounts while also helping to preserve birds that would otherwise disappear.

Just few weeks ago, we drove up to Minsmere in a 3hours and an half drive from London to enjoy one of these beautifully maintained places.

Getting to the reserve was quite easy, the parking had plenty of places and the staff at the entrance was super kind and helpful in telling how to walk around the property for the best shots and spots.

The beauty of this reserve is that there are two main areas: one for costal birds and another for forest/swamp ones.

This allows to see plenty of birds and it will help you spot how much they differ between each other not only visually but also in behaviours and sounds.

Photos speak for themselves :)

You can check more on our Instagram page at @wildermine_photography

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