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The HOLY ISLAND of Anglesey

Lindisfarne / Holy Island

Anglesey - Wales / Cymru, UK

55.6808° N, 1.8009° W

If you are passionate about sea life, birdwatching, cliffs, coastal landscapes with crystal clear water and lighthouses, the welsh Holy Island is simply the perfect place to be and there is much more this peaceful idyllic place has to offer. Situated on the western side of the larger Isle of Anglesey, the tidal island is home for seals and a great variety of sea wild animals like Puffins, Guillemots and Oystercatchers. Not to say that the classic British sheep and goat flocks will be around during hikes anywhere you go.


In our case, we got to the Holy Island by car driving for few hours straight from London and staying in a village called Trearddur Bay. Roads are perfectly built and surprisingly wide enough that most of the time two cars can pass by without worrying too much with stressful back and forth or step aside to let other pass.


From there, either by hiking or using the car for short trips, we got to a ton of different attractions.

The South Stack(Ynys Lawd) with its steep cliffs populated by colonies of birds (Common Guillemot) was for sure the one that stood out among others and the most unexpected mind-blowing panorama we have ever seen by the sea.


Escaping city life to go on a tiny Island will give you a chance to cut off from the frenzy rest of the World, relax and distress while also still having access to services and facilities available in any of the Island towns.


Honestly, we feel like in just 3 days we could not see enough of this beautiful place and probably a full week would be perfect to have enough time to truly enjoy different wild and nature attractions on the Island without rushing it through.

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