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Exploring DARTMOOR

This moorland has become somewhat special to us very quickly: just think we have been there already 2 times in less than a year.

It all started with the guy that never did camping in his life with an arrogant "Classic camping looks easy and boring, we have a tent, good equipment, .. why don't we go for a wild one somewhere?".

Few days later we were on our car at 1AM, escaping London and driving down to Dartmoor for 200miles.

A solid hike in the fog at 7AM for few hours, the only ranger in miles asking us to move the just mounted tent from the top of a quarry, 23kg each on our backs, a strong storm at night battering our shelter were the perfect ingredients to enjoy what you see below even more.


Devon - England, UK

50.5719° N, 3.9207° W

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